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Plan & Produce 2024 | A Masterclass

Plan & Produce 2024 | A Masterclass

$49.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price

Plan & Produce 2024 is a Masterclass for anyone interested in producing maximum results in the New Year.

Webinar includes:

  • Comprehensive Self-Insight:Gain deep self-awareness through a reflective annual review, identifying personal, spiritual, and professional growth areas. 
  • Strategic Vision Crafting:Develop a powerful vision for 2024 with clarity, biblical support, and alignment with your personal brand or organizational identity. 
  • Execution Mastery:Acquire essential skills in collaborative strategies, AI integration, and Chat GPT planning to turn your vision into tangible, successful outcomes. 
  • Efficient Time Management:Learn to leverage technology, such as AI, for time optimization, freeing up valuable resources to focus on executing your vision effectively. 
  • Holistic Personal and Professional Growth:Experience a transformative journey encompassing self-reflection, visionary goal-setting, and practical execution strategies, fostering holistic growth in various aspects of your life. 


  • Comprehensive sessions on Reflection, Vision setting and execution 
  • Webinar Replay link 
  • Comprehensive detailed guide that covers the entire self reflection process for year end annual review
  • Strategic planning for goal setting 
  • Detailed education regarding utilizing AI for efficiency.


Enroll now to unlock your potential and pave the way for a purposeful and successful 2024!

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