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Obioma O. Enyinnaya

Obioma O. Enyinnaya is the CEO and co-Founder of OMALuxe co, intentionEL, and Good Heart Ventures. Obioma O. is a wife, mother, mentor, prophet, pastor, author, and business consultant. A Nigerian-born immigrant, her story consists of countless obstacles, lessons, and triumphs. Obioma is a solutionist at heart, with expertise in various industries, from aviation to education, she provides timely wisdom to organizations and individuals to allow them to maximize positive impact and profit. Obioma possesses the unique grace to see the solutions within the problem. With over a decade of corporate and ministerial expertise, she specializes in establishing systems for sustainability and expansion within religious and secular sectors. Obioma believes that the intersection of purpose and passion produces profit and enjoys opportunities to guide leaders to do good, while doing well.

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