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The diachotomy of being a content creator and a Christian

I know, weird title.

But hear me out.

Most of us have social media.

Some of us consider ourselves Christians, believers, etc.

And even if we don’t admit it, for those who feel led to live life exclusively by our faith, there’s a pressure that no one really speaks to—at least not on my radar.

I think the pressure is similar for pastors who need to preach a message and aspire to be the “great harolds” of their generation. (We’re not going to focus on the funny looks people give you for daring to want to be the best orator of the gospel, as if preaching isn’t a gift that needs to be stewarded.) Ever great pastor isn’t a great preacher and truthfully every great preacher isn’t a great pastor.

Back to the pressure I was originally speaking of, by virtue of being active on social media— there’s an innate pressure to post content that is worthy of consumption.

Couple that with feeling led by God to publically live a life of faith.

And there’s the cross you bear.

You might have your head tilted like “Obioma, stop being dramatic”

But if you’re one of the people at this crossroad, there’s a dawning of realization and your light bulb is going off in recognition.

The question is: How do I post content that is consumable and Godly anddddddd how do I not regurgitate something tired and cliche.

If you’re super spiritual, your question probably put the word Rhema somewhere in the question.

I have your answer.

But allow me time to explain.

Remember when I said the pressure is similar for pastors who want to be great preachers... there’s a subtle if not nawing pressure when you read the Bible and spend time with God.

Few admit it, but if you regularly preach, it’s easy to fall into the pit of only spending time with God so you can get your next sermon.

Yep, I told you the secret.

Your fave is not laid out before Jesus 24/10, praying in tongues and getting deep revelation. They’re probably doing an hour a day, maybe and some days it’s praying as they do other things or right before they have to minister to you.

How does this relate to content creators who love Jesus? It’s the same thing.

I’ve been battling the need to be productive, consistent and pour out fresh revelation worthy of note.

And if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve faced a similar delima.

I was talking to one of my friends, she’s on fire for Jesus and honestly her heart is to portray him in the best way, including in her content.

But she admitted to me, she was going to chill on that for a while.


We both agreed we wanted what we produced to have ‘weight’.

We admitted that it is painfully obvious to us when we listen to certain messages or read certain posts which ones truly reflected deep intimacy with the Father, and which ones were cliche or mediocre. And even though we both didn’t say it, we didn’t want to fall into the latter category.

So as I took my morning walk, the spirit of God asked me the purpose of spending time with him. Was it simply to have something to share with others?

And I was ashamed that my answer was mostly yes.

So content creator, the great epiphany is we’re putting the cart before the horse.

Spending time with God is simply based on establishing, building, maintaining and developing a relationship with the Christ NOT my social media.

So this is how God checked me as I rambled off about my lack of productivity and my creative stillness.

I was doing it wrong.

And heart is to go back to doing it right.

I’m sitting at the feet of the father to be near to him, not so I can use Him to minister to you or anyone. And maybe, just maybe that’s the depth of the story of Martha and Mary. The presence of God is an opportunity to be still, not a platform to minister.

My consistent interest from now on is not to have a 'fire' social media post, but to truly get to know God on a greater level. I'm excited about this season of pause and the levels of intimacy available to us with Christ. My prayer is that we truly take advantage of it.

With love,


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