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The three types of people that keep you stagnant

Stagnant: showing no activity; dull and sluggish.

Someone famous once said that you are the summation of your six closest friends (adjust the number up and down for the sake of our conversation). In January, God is not letting up on this idea of relationships and who's connected with you. At the basis of our humanity, we are relational. We all want to belong and have close relationships with those we value. Often, due to a lack of reciprocity, we realize that those we value do NOT value us to the same degree or capacity.

If you subscribe to a biblical worldview, there’s a concept of equally yoked. We’ve limited the idea of being equally yoked to only marriage relationships. That’s an incomplete understanding. Animals are yoked together for the purpose of working/plowing the field. Anytime you’re partnering in a form of labor with an individual, you MUST be equally yoked to recover the harvest.

With the groundwork set, here are three types of people that will keep you stagnant, immobile, and unproductive.

1.The Forever Dreamer

The Forever dreamer has IDEAS for days. They’re constantly speaking to things that they see, or want to do. The problem is that they never actually do any of the things that they desire to do. It’s always talk, but when it’s time for execution, you get two big blinks and a “what”. Often this person type will cling to those who are highly productive as a false sense of reassurance for the work they refuse to do. Their stagnancy is typically a result of deep rooted insecurity regarding their ability or their worth. The reason for ‘The forever dreamer’ partnering with you is to receive clout and salvage the parts of the esteem that is in jeopardy. They’re not “bad” people per say, they’re opportunistic.

2. The ‘What About Me-er’

The ‘What about me-er’ is the person that’s constantly centering the conversation on them. They’re not necessarily interested in partnership, but personal promotion. They see you as an opportunity to climb the ladder. At worst they’re a user, at best an opportunist. The reason the ‘What about me-er’ navigates the way they do is because they undervalue or under recognize their own abilities and overemphasize yours. Typically the ‘What about me-er’ operates with a heavy spirit of flattery, always complimenting because they’re secretly competing. Maintaining intimacy with this type of person will halt you at your present level, because your present level suits their needs.

3. The Inconsistent Flake

‘The Inconsistent Flake is a some-timer. They show up sometimes, and their commitment to the vision is often dependent on their emotional state. They love access when they’re up to it and retreat when it doesn’t suit their present need. The issue with the Inconsistent Flake is that you cannot build something long-term and lasting with them. Their words are not trustworthy. They lack excellence because of their finicky nature. The reason you remain stagnant in a relationship with the Inconsistent Flake is that their lack of discipline rubs off. Just like iron sharpens iron, dullness and slothfulness induce dullness and slothfulness.

As you think about the partnerships you’re involved in, scan the list for these three types of people and do your due diligence to remove everything limiting you from being productive.

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Helpful read! Encouraged me to check in with myself and then those around me.


This was sooo good and timely.

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